Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cedric visits the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge

Cedric got to join a tour of the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge!  And you can see Paul there, too, taking a photo as well.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sewing a dress: watch those pocket seams!

I've been having so much fun, and the dress is coming along well--the bodice front, back, and sides are together, and the skirt is attached to the bodice.

I decided, before sewing the skirt, that I wanted on seam pockets.  My favorite skirt has these, and I wanted some just like those.  I got out my sewing book, The Complete book of sewing, and read all the directions.  I turned that favorite skirt inside out, and traced the pockets as the basis of a pattern, and carefully cut out the pieces from the scraps leftover from cutting out the dress pieces.  I followed the instructions in the book, very carefully, I thought...

Obviously, I forgot to remember to pay attention to where the seam allowances were going!

I decided not to rip them out and redo them--I'll use them as a design opportunity--possibilities I have in mind include sewing them down with a decorative stitch in a cute color, or with a cute seam binding.  I'll see what I think the rest of the dress is sewn together.