Sunday, January 8, 2017

Felted pocketbook

I've been going over some of the projects that I finished last year, and I'm enjoying this little purse far more than I thought I would--it's very handy for heading out with wallet, phone, pen, lip gloss--just a few bare essentials.

The bag part of the pattern is Felted Pocketbook by Bev Galeskas, and then the flap is from Flaps, by Laura Kochevar, both in the book Bags: a Knitter's Dozen.  After knitting the strap, I didn't like the look of it with the little bag, so used the leather strap salvaged from another project, and the button was one from my button stash.  I cut a pocket from a worn out coat and used some leftover fabric with a zipper (again from my stash of leftover supplies) to make the pockets inside:

The colors in the bag come from using up some yarns in my stash--I stranded some lovely, fire-toned handspun with the leftover Meridian Jacobs 2-ply silver, with the red on the bottom of the bag being leftover Rowan Harris Chunky.

 A very satisfying stashbusting project that resulted in an item that's far more pleasing and useful than I thought it would be!