Sunday, March 10, 2013

Favorite pancakes

These are our new favorite pancakes. Made with freshly ground whole wheat flour, they have a nutty taste, complemented by the slight tang of their long, cool, overnight rest:

They're "Pittsburgh's Finest Diner Pancakes," from the King Arthur Flour website.  And, as you can see, they're big pancakes, which fill the pan when cooked:

We've altered the recipe slightly:
  • We use 100% freshly ground flour, which we grind from wheat berries.
  • We don't cover the bowl with plastic wrap while the batter rests; we simply place a dinner plate on top of the bowl.
  • We cook the pancakes in clarified butter.
They have crispy edges, and are very thin, so can be filled and rolled like a crepe.  My favorite filling so far is Straus Creamery's organic yogurt mixed with fresh fruit.