Friday, April 29, 2016


After using up most of my leftover yarn in the blanket, I needed to start some more projects to use up stash, and also generate some more leftover yarn to finish my blanket!  This winter I fell in love with vests.  I hadn't worn vests for decades, but had just the right amount of cotton yarn to make the Peace vest by Kim Hargreaves:

I found that I wore it all the time--it's a great added layer.

Paul then started thinking about having a vest, and liked the Adrienne Vittadini Martina yarn in my stash, and the Red Cross Pattern for a Man's V-Neck Vest--I can't praise this pattern enough!  It worked up easily and well, and fits beautifully:

Next, for colder winter days, I worked up some Peruvian Highland Chunky yarn that had been a gift into the Patons' Button Front Crew Neck Vest.  I altered the pattern a little by making the buttonholes smaller (only one yarnover instead of two) to accommodate smaller buttons:

This pattern was also wonderful to work up--very well written, and I'd recommend it for beginners since it's written so clearly and even includes illustrations.

Now, of course, I've generated a lot more spare yarn for my Mondrian-inspired scraps blanket, but I do need a little purse, I'm using some of my stash for Bev Galeskas' Felted Pocketbook: