Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mondrian-inspired scraps blanket

I have lots of odd skeins and partial skeins of yarn, and had begun to think about doing a scraps blanket.  We could use another blanket, and while thinking about how I might go about creating a scraps blanket, I came across some of the Mondrian-inspired projects on Ravelry--dresses, pillows, and, of course, blankets.

But could I create a Mondrian-inspired blanket without buying yarn?  This is a concern, since I'm enthusiastically participating in the Lord of the Rings Group's StashQuest to work down my stash.  So could I create a scraps blanket out of different weight yarns, of differing colors, and differing fibers?

I had a brainstorm:  what have I got to lose?  If I don't like it, I can frog it and start over.  If I like it, then I'll have a blanket!  I pulled out all the candidate yarns, selected the blue wool, and knitted horizontally, putting in a black stripe of cotton, then choosing the green wool...then the red cotton...then I picked up along the long edge, knit more black, and used the white wool (the black stitches at the bottom are all live, on a string of yarn serving as a stitch-holder).  So far, it's a long strip, and I like it!