Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to not put the elephant's trunk in its ear

I had been mystified; the first time I knit this elephant, as you can see, the trunk was where its left ear should be! (The little legs are supposed to open at the inseam.) I had no idea what had gone wrong, and ended up frogging the whole head and starting over. This time I paid close attention, and the elephant's nose is going to be right where it should.

In the pattern, when you put the legs on to the needles, in the section called, "Body," there's this little bit: "Join double strand of main yarn with RS facing to the beginning of one needle." I'm working on dpns, and already had the yarn attached to one of the legs, thank you very much. That's the problem! The yarn is attached where the elephant's "family jewels" would be (or "gates of Venus"--these are very private elephants, who only reveal their gender post-adoption to their new caretakers, so I have no idea what gender they will turn out to be). The yarn should be at the hip--in the middle of one of the legs.

The solution? No need to clip yarn and reattach it. When knitting the head, just knit row five 75% of the way around--stop over the right shoulder. You're all lined up for the rest of the head, and the nose will show up where it's supposed to be.

Pattern source: "Lovable toys," In: Last-minute knitted gifts / Joelle Hoverson.

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