Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Old Foghorn

Anchor's Old Foghorn Barleywine Style Ale is Cedric's new favorite beer. This is really saying something. Cedric enjoys his beer and is partial to ales, and has been trying many of the brews available from around the world at his new favorite store, Ledgers Liquors--he had heard Ledgers called the adult Disneyland, and they weren't wrong. (He's also amazed by Ledger's selection of single malts--in fact, he gets emotional about the single malts, and can't yet speak openly about them.)

In his quest to not only support local businesses, he, like any traveler, has been trying to experience a new culture through the local food and drink. So he had a martini made from Anchor's Junipero Gin, and was transported. When he watched the online video of the bottling of Junipero Gin, he wept openly. It may have been the martini, but he's been walking around with a suppressed joy ever since.


wildtomato said...

Oh! I see a visit to Ledger's in my future!

igel said...

If they have Bieken, check that out, too!