Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A sleeve begins

It's another stage in the Journey of the Fine Gauge Sweater: the beginning of the first sleeve! When I started this sweater, out of sock yarn, over a year ago...


It's the beginning of a sleeve!

I've finished the front, which looks almost exactly like the back, and I'm so happy to have started on the sleeves because they're going so much faster. Being a "vintage pattern," the instructions for the entire sweater are very brief; the pattern assumes a lot of knowledge. For the sleeves, I've written out row-by-row instructions for myself--in the original pattern, the instructions for the sleeves (above the cuff) consist of seven lines, and I've filled an entire sheet of binder paper with rows 1-45. And I'll be writing out the rest. Because that's the kind of knitter I am.

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