Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's not the perfect needle, and that's OK

I started my Hexacomb Cardigan, and I wanted, desperately, to knit this on wooden straights. I don't enjoy circulars. They're always attached--always moving against each other--there's no independence of motion!

But it was just too much cotton yarn on too small a needle, and I couldn't find a longer straight needle--the cotton just wouldn't scrunch up small enough on the straights.

And I wanted to get going, so when I couldn't find a wooden circular of the right size at either local yarn store, and I did find a metal pair at the second, I bought that pair--so slippery! The yarn's just slipping all over! But that's ok. I get to knit now.

And, sure, I could have mail ordered a wooden circular, but then I wouldn't have given some money to a LYS--in this economy, I want every dollar staying in my community. If I want an LYS, I have to spend money at an LYS--so I bought the metal circulars. Maybe someday if I have more spare money than I do now, I'll buy a wooden pair.


itgirlxx said...

You can always borrow one from me (if I have it).


igel said...

You're just the sweetest thing! Likewise--let me know if you ever need to borrow needles!