Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Scrubby performance

The results are in! According to our home's Chief Evaluator of Dishwashing Products, the Chinese Waves scrubby is easier to handle than dishcloths and outperforms the Tuffy with greasy dishes. It is heavier in the water than the Tuffy (due to water absorption), which is a drawback, but outperforms the Tuffy on most smooth surfaces (like glassware). It is equal to the Tuffy on all scrubbing jobs except for one: scrubbing baked-on pumpkin bread pudding.

So the Tuffy remains in our dishwashing arsenal, but if we use it only when needed, e.g., for baking pans, it will last a lot longer and need replacing less often.

And by the way, for a lighter pumpkin bread pudding, substitute 3 egg whites for 3 whole eggs and lowfat or nonfat milk for the light cream (or lowfat soymilk). We also use agave syrup instead of the brown sugar.


wildtomato said...

Ooooh, the Scrubby is a great idea! I've been using knitted wash rags lately and I'm seriously considering getting rid of our sponges.

The pumpkin bread pudding looks divine. I'll take the full fat version, please! :)

igel said...

The full fat version *is* more delicious, and even more delicious with vanilla ice cream! And/or whipped cream, especially freshly whipped Straus whipping cream! Now I'm hungry!:)