Monday, February 4, 2008


We've always been Tuffy-brand-scrubby people. Our parents were Tuffy people. We come from a long line of Tuffy homes. But recently I've been looking at the amount of plastic that we purchase, use, and throw away, and when the rubber band broke on yet another Tuffy, I took a good look at it--the Tuffy seemed like a knitted tube.

Sure enough, there are many patterns for knitted and crocheted scrubbies, but every one that I found seemed minuscule. (If you have a child in your life who likes to do dishes, or whom you would like to do dishes, make them the Dishcloth Duo scrubby--it's wee!) So I tried out a few of the dishcloths I had knit, and the Chinese Waves Dishcloth did as good a job as any plastic Tuffy. The only downside--it was a cloth. We wanted something balled up so you can get a good grip.

So I knit another Chinese Waves dishcloth, and then took two strands of worsted weight cotton, and wove them around the edges, about the second row in. I tied knots in each end, so they couldn't pull out, and then pulled them as tightly as possible, tied a double-bow, and turned the ends into the inside. Voila! A scrubby! And it unties to go through the washer and dryer flat, so no yucky bits of food get trapped in the inside. I really like the size, too--it fits in the hand well, and is just a bit bigger than a Tuffy, and a lot more solid.

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