Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is my first batch of bagels! I used the recipe in the The King Arthur Flour baker's companion (which is also on their website) because it was the lowest fat version of the recipe in all of my cookbooks. (It's beyond lowfat--the only fat I used was to grease the bowl that held the rising dough.) I also substituted agave syrup for the sugar in the dough--I didn't see any reason to go hunt down exotic ingredients like "non-diastatic malt powder," if what I had in the cabinet would work--and also substituted rice syrup for all the sugars in the water bath. Worked like a charm.

They came out great and according to my neighbor, "they are real bagels." I'll be making them again!


wildtomato said...

They look great! I'll add them to my list of breads I must make.

wildtomato said...

... and if you ever want barley malt syrup, they sell it bulk at Oak Barrel Winecraft in Berkeley. I have some for bread.

igel said...

Thanks! Since I'd never heard of barley malt syrup, I had no clue where to find it!

Do give the bagels a try--they're *so* good fresh out of the oven!