Monday, June 30, 2008

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

We went there this weekend, and I loved it. I was most interested in Beyond Knitting: Uncharted Stitches, but enjoyed every single exhibit.

In Beyond Knitting, some of my favorite pieces were Mark Newport's hand-knit costumes; you can see some of them at the Greg Kucera Gallery website, but the images don't convey their presence--they're actual size, as if knit for a tall, powerful man, but they're adorable! I really loved Argyle Man and Sweaterman 4--and if I had $7000.00 (each, according to the gallery site), they'd be mine. I would love to come home and make believe that this is just my secret identity--in reality, I'm Sweaterman 4, and together with the other three Sweatermen, we're mustering the power of the knit cable to fight the agents of evil!

I was very surprised by how taken I was with the figures in "In Javanese Moonlight: Sha Sha Higby in Transition." They're haunting. And the "Crocheted Reef and Anemone Garden" is fantastic--look for the sweet and well executed crab and rays.

Of course, Cedric was there, but photography was not permitted in the museum. His favorite piece was the knit capitol building. And consider a membership--with it, you can bring in two guests!

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