Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flash your stash day

That's all there is--one basket--not counting about ten balls of crochet thread that I'm slowly crocheting into curtains. The big, gray ball is Meridian Jacobs 2-ply, and I have half of a cone in addition to that, which I'm currently knitting into a spiral, round rug. I should have plenty leftover! And the brown is left over from Paul's sweater, and there may be enough of that for another sweater, too!

Below that are odds and ends, mostly, for which I have no firm plans. Fun!


kimchi said...

i can't wait to meet the sheep myself tomorrow! I'll make sure to bring the camera. and hopefully i'll score some Jacobs' yarn of my own too! :o) have a great weekend!

igel said...

Do take pictures--of the sheep, of your yarn, of everything!