Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another kind of handwork

Although Timson has his bone folder ready to go, he doesn't often help with another kind of handwork that I do--fixing books. (It's not for lack of enthusiasm--it's just that most of the broken books are at work, and Timson doesn't like commuting.)

I don't have any pictures for you of the books I'm working on because the Preservation Dept. at the University of Buffalo has a damaged material site that has fantastic photos of books just like the ones I fix--OK, I've never gotten a charred book (luckily!)--but most of the books I have to fix look just like those. I have a few that are larger, a few that are a lot larger, and some in leather, although I use only paper and cloth in the repairs. And it seems like I've been doing nothing but repairing detached spines lately...

If you want to learn more, Artemis BonaDea's manual is my favorite, with lots of step-by-step instructions and diagrams. I'll be doing a lot of p.71-98 the rest of the week! (That is, spine repairs and rebacking.)

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WonderMike said...

Timson is like one multi-talented DUDE!!! An inspiration, truly. :-)