Sunday, January 20, 2008

Broder Special and Aunt Martha

After years of packing and moving chaos (with a rather involved hand injury thrown in), I've picked this project up again and am making great progress. It's a more portable project than my current knitting wip, so I even work on it during the occasional lunch break.

It will be a cutwork edging on a pillow case, for me! The pattern is a classic, one of Colonial Patterns "Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers," #3818, "3 Pillow Cases (1 Cut Work)." I bought it ages ago from a company that's since gone out of business, so I can't tell you my delight in discovering that these can now be ordered direct from the company! (I used to buy them at the five-and-dime that was biking distance away, next to the deli which always had piroshkis.) For this project I decided to try DMC Broder Spécial size 12, a.k.a. "Brilliant Cutwork & Embroidery Thread," a 4 ply non-divisible cotton thread, and I have to say that I prefer using three strands from six strand floss for cutwork. I'm going to finish this pillow case with this thread, though, and in the future use it for designs with smaller areas.

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