Saturday, January 19, 2008

Introducing Wee Timson

Since Ravelry doesn't pull updates from a normal website into my profile, I've started this blog as a way of connecting with RavPals--and others.

Sinice I get a lot of questions relating to Wee Timson, who shares my love of handwork and who so kindly appears as my avatar, I'll begin with his introduction. First, yes, his name is Wee Timson. I assume this is because there is another gnome out there named Timson who is bigger or older than Wee Timson. (Informally, though, he's just "Timson," as I haven't yet met another gnome named Timson, or any variant thereof.) Since Timson doesn't talk much, I have yet to confirm this.

What is he knitting? No, it's not a sock, it's an elephant. Timson loves knitting and will pick up my projects to work on while I'm on Ravelry, blogging, etc. (His own projects are kept in his belt pouch.) We finished the elephant in time for last Christmas, a present for my neice.

How long have I known Timson? Oh, we go way back. Since gnomes are avid handworkers, if you knit, crochet, sew or embroider in your back yard (or other areas frequented by gnomes), they tend to be attracted. Since it's well known that they adore cookies, a few dishes of cookies leading to an open door or window, with, say, a knitting project left in view, will usually prompt them to risk exploring. Pretend not to notice if they pick up your project and start working on it! It will take time and patience, but if you're lucky, a friendship will develop.

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wildtomato said...

Nice to meet you, Wee Timson! I look forward to reading more blog posts.